The architectural design of residential quarter located at Pirita tee 26b is developed by architecture company R-Konsult.

The architectural idea for the quarter is to develop an integrated solution that considers the existing environment, nature and human scale.

Four apartment buildings form a uniform high-quality integrated room. Taking into account both the natural relief as well as the solution for the parking floor that connects the buildings, a versatile space with terraces, green areas, playgrounds and rest areas between the buildings has been created.

The architecture of the building/buildings is greatly focused on the design of the volumes and facades of the building, creating a solution that is simple in form but aesthetically enjoyable.

Beautiful white apartments with 25m high limestone wall in the background and the sea so near give the sense of prominence and dignity today and in the future.

We are of the opinion that the entrance and the hallway are the business card of a building and we have taken it into account when designing the buildings at Pirita tee 26b. The hallways with spacious A lobby and natural light create a distinguished room.

The project authors are architects Irina Raud and Ain Kalberg, with the contribution of architect Magnar Meinart and landscape architect Kersti Lootus.

During the 23 years of activity the architecture company R-KONSULT has proved that their principle to rely on an architectural idea that considers the environment, clear functional solution and convenient use, has been a precondition for designing and building architecturally interesting and user friendly buildings.

Irina Raud, the former chief architect of Tallinn, and her experience in valuing and planning urban spaces plays an invaluable part in the framework of the Mariino project.